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XML Conversion


   XML Technology creates databases of unsurpassed quality and functionality that always exceeds the expectations to Clients. XML technology has developed unique scientific conversion methods, in taking full advantage of the best highly skilled and team.

   We not only convert data, we also understand objectives in a broader perspective. That's why we suggest improvements in database design, and identify simple solutions that add power at smaller cost. We foresee and resolve integration issues, always focusing on improving the ease, and speed of your database.

Services includes :

Developments of XML DTD's

Developments of XML conversion Specification

Developments of Software's for XML processing

Software's for debugging and validity check for XML.



XML is compatible

XML incorporates the features of SGML.

XML supports wide variety of applications.

The design of XML is formal and concise.

   XML can be used for existing web protocols like HTTP and MIME and mechanisms and still does not impose any other additional requirements.

   XML adopts the generic nature of SGML, but adds the flexibility to make it truly extensible.

Computer programs can easily process information coded in XML.

XML can be used easily and purposeful than HTML.


XSL - Extensible Stylesheet Language is a language that gives us the ability to specify how data coded with XML will display on screen. This language was developed based on the companion of ISO standard for SGML known as DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language.)




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