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   Quality is central to everything we do at Isource. By emphasizing quality in all its dimensions, the quality of our products, our services, and our schedules, as well as the quality of our relationships with each other and with our customers, we keep our employees and customers happy, our work efficient, and our schedules reliable.

   Eliminating errors and inconsistencies in each project reduces the confusion, correction, and rechecking that add cost, cause delays and upset customers. We attribute the great loyalty we enjoy from the publishers we serve more to our quality orientation than to any other single factor.

   Because we pride ourselves on unexcelled quality we take the sole responsibility for the accuracy of our work, both for the keystrokes we supply and for the coding and formatting needed to produce typographical pages. In addition, publishers utilizing our full service capabilities often have us provide the full proofreading additionally in pages that they would otherwise have their own staff do.

   Members of the Isource proofreading staff, both in-house and freelance, have each passed a rigorous test and are well versed in the fine points of proofreading, typography and page makeup. They are able to work quickly and efficiently with a wide variety of matter and format, such as mathematics, scientific text and medical and technical terminology, and they communicate effectively with Isource Project Leaders and typesetting staff so that quality standards are maintained with schedules.

   Our dedicated and detail-oriented proofreading department carefully checks every project typeset at Impressions. Page proofs for each project are checked for correct formatting, conforming to customer guidelines and design specifications, and compliance with the highest standards of excellence in quality in typography and page makeup.

   When a project involves edits insertion into the author's original files, each insertion is proofread against the manuscript to make sure that it is accurate and correctly formatted.

   Proofreaders also check to make sure for corrections to first and second pass page proofs are accurate and consistent with the project specifications. They are alert to inconsistencies and infelicities and, when appropriate, queries to be passed on to the publisher or author.

   When full proofreading is required for a project, we work with an outstanding group of local freelance proofreaders, each of whom has been screened and tested. We work hard to maintain an excellent working relationship with our freelancers, they know exactly what's expected of them and we know we can rely on them for accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness.

   For each proofreading assignment, the Project Leader provides careful instructions and guidelines, so that the proofreader knows the specific requirements and special issues for each job. Proofreaders work with the copyedited style sheet and check for consistency of style as well as conformity to the manuscript and design specifications of the client. When proofreading is complete, the Project Leader reviews the pages to ensure that all appropriate changes and queries are resolved as needed.

   When schedules allow, pages are proofread before they're delivered so that the proofs, the author reviews are as clean and error-free. When schedules are tight, pages are proofread at the same time the author and publisher are reviewing them. The Project Leader then combines the proofreader's changes with those of the publisher and author and works with the publisher and author to resolve any queries the proofreader has raised.

   The determined efforts of our sharp-eyed proofreaders help us to enable produce consistently clean page proofs that frequently inspire praise from grateful publishers and authors and that help keep our operation efficient and reliable as well.




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