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Data Processing Services
OCR (Optical Character Recoginition)
ICR (Inteligent Character Recognition)
Proof Reading
Key Verify
Double Key Double Compare
Triple Key Triple Compare
Data Capture
Data Conversion
PDF Conversions
Data Security Policy
XML SGML Conversion
Developing Modifying DTD Schema
Writing Conversion Specifications
Pre Migration Data Clean-Up
SGML XML Encoding
Proofing Validation And QC Audits
Microfilm Conversion
Digital Archiving
Scanning OCR
Quark 3B2
Framemaker And In Tex Latex
Data Conversion
Electronic Publishing
SGML Conversion
XML Conversion
HTML Conversion
PDF Conversion
MathML Conversion
E Books
Prepress Services
Type Setting
Data Capture/OCR
Document Scanning & Indexing
Media Conversion
Data Entry & Tagging
Form Processing
Document Processing
Claim Processing
Litigation Coding
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Multimedia Design | Writing translation | Software testing |
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