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PDF Conversion

   Isource has specialized in PDF conversion services for more than eight years.  We exclusively use Adobe software products.  Our PDF conversion projects have included a wide spectrum of media:


Micro graphics (microfilm, microfiche)

Photographic slides

Engineering documents

Electronic files

   Isource's professionals are specialists at working with PDF files.  We not only convert all of the types of media above, but also can provide color and grayscale files if appropriate.  Providing Bookmarks is one of the ways we use to create PDF files more friendly and usable for all viewers.  Large collections of data are catalogued and indexed for instant access to the appropriate documents, whether on CD's or maintained on high-capacity network disk drives.

   Searchable files can be delivered from electronic media or images that are processed using Adobe Capture.  Our professional staff generally converts scanned documents in-house.

   Our extensive data capture and keying capabilities allow us to rectify OCR misreads and index PDF files efficiently and accurately.  No matter where the work is done, extensive quality control and inspection assures you of the high-degree of accuracy of data and image quality.

   PDF files can be transmitted directly to clients via high-speed Internet connections that are securely maintained by Virtual Private Networks.  We also offer web based document management, hosting the PDF files on our secure server.  Of course, files can be recorded to CDs or even magnetic tapes and then delivered overnight.





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