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Media Conversion

Media Conversion:

   When you require converting data to a sophisticated or alternative format, the media and data conversion experts at iSourceindia can help. Using our sophisticated proprietary software tools, our engineers computerize the difficult task of media conversion, while keeping your data secure and intact. Our engineers can shift your data from one media to another, even though no software or hardware information is available on your present or existing media. iSourceindia effectively transfer data from outmoded applications onto newer, more proficient programs.

   Our media to media conversion services provides everything from simple media conversions to complex imaging conversions requiring the data to be transferred from one system to another, converted to a different media, image and index format. We help our clients migrate to new extracting systems of the data and storing it on new media, in a ready format for importing into the new system, without the need to re-scan or re-index the source data.

The Rising Demand for Media Conversion

   Media conversion has enabled IT managers to combine mixed cable types flawlessly and economically into obtainable network fabrics. Media conversion permits an easy path for numerous sorts of cables to be installed into an ordinary media switch or hub. In today's enterprise network, there may be thousands of media converters installed, linking switches, hubs, servers and even desktops to network resources. In most media conversion cases, a media converter is used to convert the copper to fiber optic cabling, and vice versa.

Administrating Media Conversion

Media conversion has evolved considerably during the intervening decade. Network managers require being intelligent to troubleshoot and organize the devices remotely, to uphold network uptime and to keep IT team costs under control.

Media Conversion Solutions

   The prospective for downtime has caused media conversion and media converters to be viewed as the weakest link in an organized network infrastructure. Only recently has the media conversion business come forward with a solution to this issue, in the form of manageable chassis-based media converters. To administer these media conversion devices effectively, more intelligence had to be built into the hardware itself. New hybrid fiber-optic/copper network installations are beginning to mandate the deployment of these new managed media converters, which are now available at the same cost as traditional unmanaged solutions. Organized media conversion is now a need in many IT atmospheres.

   As clients started organizing media conversion devices to progressively more critical points in the network, it became clear that more intelligence had to be built into the converter chassis and that real management; not just primitive device monitoring would be needed.

Simple Media Conversion

Simple Media Conversion involves exporting data from one type of media without changing the content. A quite good example is copying data from an IBM optical disk to a CD-ROM. Another example is to extract files from an old IBM 3490 tape and ship those files via the Internet.

Document Management Systems

   This involves the extraction of data from one type of media, written in a document management system, and then converting it to a different image format, media format. Our expertise is unmatched in retrieving images and index values from sophisticated software and other imaging systems, and then transferring to a higher capacity disk. It is also possible to deliver the data in ASCII files and TIFF format.

Input Optical Disk Formats

  • FileNET
  • Optika
  • Eastman Imaging
  • Watermark, and many others
  • Image Plus
  • Canofile

Output Optical Disk Formats

  • FileNET
  • FMWORM, and many others

Input/Output Tape Creation Formats

  • Unix Tar
  • MKS Tar
  • Unix Star
  • Microsoft NT Backup 1.0
  • Veritas Backup Exec

Input/Output Image Formats

  • Tiff G-4
  • Tiff G-3
  • Tiff Tiled
  • Tiff FileNET banded
  • Watermark Tiff
  • MO:DCA
  • IO:CA
  • Eastman

Input/Output Non-Image Formats

  • Microsoft Word all versions
  • Microsoft Excel all versions
  • Lotus 1-2-3 all versions
  • PDF normal
  • PDF image with hidden text

Input/Output Index/Database Formats

  • ASCII delimited file
  • Documentum import file
  • FileNET transaction file
  • PCDocs import file
  • Microsoft SQL 6.5 and higher


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