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MathML Conversion

MathML Conversion:

   The design objectives of MathML requisite a system meant for encoding mathematical material for the net, which is lithe and extensible, appropriate for interface with peripheral software, and proficient of producing premium representation in different media's. Several markup languages that encode sufficient information to do all these tasks will of obligation absorb some complication. MathML is mostly to be used by machines, assisting the searching and indexing of scientific and mathematical information.

   One of the chief characteristics of STM content is the presence of mathematical equations. Traditionally, equations have been represented in processes using a variety of formats: TeX , MathType, PowerMath, and the math parts of various DTDs, to name a few. Now that many publishers are moving to a production process system built around a central XML based repository, giving description for mathematics using MathML, the XML-based markup for mathematics, is a better choice. And support for MathML is virtually a correct requirement for targeting the new HTML with MathML delivery medium for publishing web content containing math.

   Once MathML has been chosen as the format-of-choice for the central repository system, various MathML softwares come into play at different processing stages:

   Although STM publishers will probably have to deal with a variety of document formats for the foreseeable future, authoring softwares already exist that allow MathML to be entered directly or contain built-in conversions to MathML, therefore simplifying the front end processing needed to get the content into the central repository.

   Authors submit documents in various formats, in general, contain mathematical equations. Conversion tools should be used to convert the document into XML in a form suitable for the central repository. The common formats for mathematical equations are TeX/LaTeX and MathType/Equation Editor equations that appear in Microsoft Word and other word processing documents.

   When a particular publication is to be produced, content items must be chosen from the central repository, style rules applied, layout and pagination added. For MathML, tools are required to format the mathematical content.

   The choice of HTML with MathML for web publication allows the MathML formatting step to occur in the reader's browser.



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