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Litigation Coding

Litigation Coding:

Litigation Support

   The organization's storage and distribution of documents involved in litigation complex rules, co-ordination and precision. Each client, whether from a counsel's office or outside firms of Law, has preferences about how these rules are implemented. We have developed procedures and strategies to ensure each client's requirements while maintaining the highest level of document integrity.

Bibliographic Coding Services

   Our basic coding service provides with bibliographic information: document page numbers, attach ranges, authors, recipients, copied parties, date, document type, document title etc.

   We support a range of formats for data delivery and provide customized load files to bring data into your document management software including Concordance, Summation, and JFS Litigators Notebook and any type of system utilizing ASCII or TXT load files.

Advanced Coding Services

   We also have a more comprehensive service that provides database with bibliographic information and relevant data extracted from the document body, names and organizations in text, marginalia, keywords, created and enhanced titles etc.

Coding Services

   Coding makes the search process easier. iSourceindia can contentedly handle all complex coding requirement. Document coding is the process of identifying and extracting information specific to each document into a universal form so that the documents are rendered searchable at any later date.

iSourceindia presents the following document coding services:

  • In-Text Coding
  • Objective Coding
  • Subjective Coding

In-Text Coding

   In-text coding is the line-by-line review of each page of the document for particular keywords, product names, individuals' names etc.

   iSourceindia can contentedly deliver the output to the customers in formats well-matched with all the major Litigation support software.

Objective Coding

   Objective coding is the procedure of extracting information from the face of the document into a searchable record. This can also be known as data indexing. The fields usually included for objective coding are:

  • Document Title
  • Document Date
  • Begin Bates
  • End Bates
  • Recipient
  • Author
  • Document Characteristics
  • Names mentioned within text
  • Copies
  • Document Type

Subjective Coding

   Subjective coding is the process in which the coder seeks key information from the document, analyses it, and makes a short summary of the document. If the document set becomes large, then the subjective information helps the user to narrow down the search.




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