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Forms Processing

   All organizations must inevitably deal with forms- invoices, sales, purchase orders, tax statements, credit card applications, medical or insurance claims and many other types. The highly structured nature, forms tend themselves quite well to automation in both processing and manual filing. These type of services are suitable for Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance Organizations, Hospitals, Educational Boards and Corporate where forms are in huge numbers and need to be accessed rapidly through the Internet / Intranet or electronically populate forms for display to users in your organization.

Type of Forms


Payroll Processing

Market Research Forms Entry

Order Forms

Medical Records

Insurance Claims

Bankers' Cheques

Purchase/Sales Orders

Administration relevant Documents (Fax, Memos, Emails, invoices etc.)

How we work

   The use of our key-from image technology will allow us to route non-readable forms to this system where we will double key from images. The output data is formatted as electronic claims which are transmitted to our clients in an ascii comma delimited, flat ascii, Hipaa 837 X12, 835_4010 or NSF format for processing.

   We provide all type of Forms Processing services. If you have documents from which you do manual data extraction, we can extract the same data from your forms using state of the art OCR/ICR software specialized for forms. Your data is delivered to you on your choice in the format of Tab-delimited text, ASCII, DBF, etc.

   All raw data that we receive from the client is re-coded in a Tracking System before batching and coding. Processing involves combination of document scanning and keying, and when necessary will include validation and auditing.

   A Quality Assurance Team reviews the work on a 1:1 ratio versus random auditing. Re-key verify process is performed when 100% accuracy is required.

   Our Forms Processing services use state of the art software for automatic extraction of information like names, phone numbers, addresses, dates, SSNs, bar codes, numbers and product codes.

   We have the facility to capture virtually any information from a document. Common forms processed are medical files, contribution forms, information surveys and questionnaires. Our Electronic Forms Processing services can completely eliminate your in-house overhead for forms processing.


   We provide customized training on-site. Our lead trainer possesses a Masters degree in education and has years of teaching experience. All trainers undergo extensive training on all products and services. Our training team will create customized documentation for all end-user training classes.


   Quality and data accuracy as being of great importance. We guarantee our clients the highest level of accuracy to 99.98%. We do this by maintaining stringent checks on client data at all times during the keying process. These checks form part of a company wide standard processing procedure, which is always followed. As a result, we are able to achieve and maintain a higher accuracy rate on single key entry work than many with double key entry. In the area of quality control, we have specific edits and check points of tables that are customized by our experienced programmers for each job.

We have few basic types of validations:

   Table look-ups, data checks and relationship validation. In a table look up one or more fields are validated against a database. If there is exact match of odds are good that the data is correct since it proved to be congruent with a set of known quantities. With data checks the field or character information is compared with a model to see that it conforms to a specific type, such as a specific alphanumeric field or date, such as the date of purchase on a bill of sale used to support a title guarantee application. A validation might also check to see that a number is within a specific range.

   All processing is overseen by experienced on Operations Managers. They are responsible for the final quality assurance of data. Special quality control checks designed specifically for each project are utilized in addition to the quality control specifications that are in place during processing. These supplemental checks, with professional account management, further ensure data integrity, accuracy and dependability.

   Hard copies can be stored for a period of five months. After the completion of a project, if required, we will store clients' hard copy originals at no charge for a period of three months on a rotation basis; whereas the new hardcopy arrives the processed hardcopy will be forwarded.

Thuriam Advantage

  • 48 hour processing time irrespective of the forms volume.
  • Accuracy level exceeding 99.5%.
  • Online web based Work in Process reports.
  • Capacity of programmers, process and data engineers to meet your non-planned requests.
  • Quality and process control through ISO certification and Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Betterment of process for error identification and recovery.
  • We transform manual and paper intensive forms servicing operations into a fully automated and efficient process utilizing state-of-the-art forms processing services and solutions.
  • Lower Financial and Human Resource Processing costs
  • Greater Accuracy and Faster Processing
  • Easier to manage the project and achieve the desired outcome
  • Successful implementation through proven process migration, methodology & domain expertise.

Benefits of Solutions offered by Thuriam

  • Secure document handling
  • Impeccable Accuracy
  • Flexible Capacity
  • Lower Cost Solutions
  • Quick turnaround of data
  • Scanned images can be integrated with the customers dox management system
  • Document analysis and image enhancement
  • Online export of data & images
  • Multiple language forms can be processed
  • Built-in advanced validations during data capture
  • Workflow based exceptions
  • MIS & statistical reports on processed forms
  • Customized Export, Archive, back-up and retrieve




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