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Document Scanning

Document Scanning & Indexing:

   iSourceindia is the leading document scanning and indexing Services Company. We offer Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Scanning and indexing, facilitating your corporation to effectively open the accurate value of the information limited in its files, resulting in amplified productivity, profits and performance. Whether you require converting a huge back file of documents or having ongoing imaging requirements, iSourceindia has what it receives to make this occur.

   Document Indexing and scanning service and document imaging capabilities include indexing and online document hosting.  We integrate existing databases with files kept in paper, microfilm, and microfiche.  Most of our large conversion projects are conducted onsite at customers' facilities. Our average staff member has more than eight years imaging experience with sophisticated Facilities, Records Management and a broad array of document scanning and indexing functions.

   Our web based document management affords clients the ability to archive and process data on a real-time basis.  Secured access is available to authorized users from any location.  We fully administer our sites for backup, hardware and software upgrades, security monitoring.

   Our document scanning and indexing capture system is build for production. Using the newest high-speed scanners and foremost software technology, iSouerceindia can offer your corporation with the capability to convert paper records into searchable, digital images. Documents that were previously hard to trace can nowadays be found from your desktop, all occasion.

   We are familiar specialists in offering document scanning and indexing services to support large and medium scale, Mission Critical conversion services for projects that need quick turnarounds and elevated quality deliverables.

Indexing Services:

  1. It searches specified files when the computer is idle. This way, it does not affect the performance of regular applications running on the computer.
  2. It creates a catalog containing all the text in all files.
  3. This catalog can be searched much faster than searching individual file.
  4. When a file contains text and other non-text data, Indexing Service filters the text content only for indexing.
  5. Technically any file (even proprietary formats) can be indexed by this service if the appropriate filter is available.
  6. Catalogs contain all the words found in the files and an index that points to individual files.

The use of a solitary index to recover a file can be demanding if the correct measures are not in place to legalize the accurateness of this data. Since single number indexing is a regular request from many of our business customers, we have devised a technique for capturing and validating this data to make sure 100% accuracy of indexed files.


Features of Indexing service

  1. Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT). This makes searching more powerful and specific.
  2. Search by content (text individual words or phrases)
  3. Document properties. These can be default properties or custom properties.
  4. No specific syntax is required for searching. This is called Free Text search.
  5. However, more complex and sophisticated searching is also possible using special query syntax. It understands security. For example, if you have a central server for storing multiple user documents, it will only search in files for which the currently logged user has access rights.
  6. It also integrates with IIS for indexing Web content
  7. For developers it also offers an OLEDB provider.
It can work on files on local machine, network shares as well as UNIX .


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