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Document Processing


Document Processing:

      Functions, including the capability to create, edit, merge, and format documents. These functions enable the composition of documents that incorporate graphics, images, and even voice annotation, along with stylized text. Included are advanced formatting and editing functions such as style guides, spell checking, use of multiple columns, table of contents generation, headers and footers, outlining tools, and support for scanning images into bit-mapped formats.

Document Processing Services:

  • Bill of lading
  • Contracts
  • Drug reaction research
  • Government filings
  • Government enquiry documents
  • HCFA 1500
  • Healthcare documents
  • Litigation document support
  • Medical records
  • OSHA and Hazardous material
  • Personnel records
  • Proxy statements
  • Recruitment files
  • Shipping documents
  • Social service documents
  • Transportation documents
  • Inspection reports
  • Requisition processing

Document processing:

   Development of text in document type is called Document processing. The efficient as well as effective construction of written communications on the lowest promising cost via the combined utilization of systems management measures, automated technology, along with accomplished personnel. The tool used inside Document processing applications includes: dictation plus transcription equipment, automatic cyclic typewriters, image display Document editing typewriters, keyboard terminal, etc.

iSourceindia's Document Processing Services:

  • Composing and Typing of the Form Letters
  • Curriculum Vitae and Resumes
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Charts, Graphs and Spreadsheets
  • Mail Merge
  • Mailing Labels
  • Databases
  • Research Papers as well as Thesis
  • Manuals, Proposals and Bids
  • Booklets
  • Power Points.

Composing and Typing of Letters

   By the Document processing services, iSourceindia will compose and type whichever professional letter you require. Only inform us what you desire to say and iSourceindia will do the rest.

Curriculum Vitae and Resumes

   Whoever you are i.e., a professional, administrative or blue collar employee, let our Division of Document Processing Service type your curriculum vitae or resume. We will help out you to choose a design if you don't have one.

Desktop Publishing

   Document processing services include flyers, bulletins, newsletters, brochures, menus, etc.

Charts, Graphs and Spreadsheets

   Using MS Excel, iSourceindia will create charts and/or graphs according to your terms.

Mail Merge

   With iSourceindia's sophisticated Document processing services; we can get your typed letters and database to carry out a mail merge.

Mailing Labels

   Using a database developed by iSourceindia or one you provide, or the label attribute in Microsoft Document, your mailing labels will be printed.


   iSourceindia's Document Processing Service Division will put up your database for business, personnel, payroll, etc.

Research Papers as well as Thesis

   Use iSourceindia's Document processing service for type, edit and proof your research papers or thesis.

Manuals, Proposals and Bids

   Whatever the nature of your company, iSourceindia has the wonderful Document processing service for corporate accountants, businesses, engineers, landscapers, roofers, schools, etc. We can handle whichever Document processing venture you have.

Power Point Presentations

   Require help for your Power Point presentation? In addition, from creating to editing and organizing of slides, you've come to the exact place. iSourceindia can design a custom template for your organization, or the entire Power Point presentation for you -- from start to finish, can be handled.

Why Power Point Presentations?

   Power Point presentations are apt for all different viewer sizes, especially huge groups of people. But Power Point presentations also capable of expanding your online audience, eliminating all geographical barriers, together nationally AND internationally.

   Our Power Point service gives you the capacity to have complete fidelity display in your presentation, including animation, iSourceindia can handle graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks, and custom shows.

Sophisticated Services include:
  • Technical guidance for software as well as computer-related problems
  • General typing
  • Computerized grade sheets
  • Transcription
  • Mass mail merges
  • Test banks


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