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Data Conversion

   Isource India we understand just how critical building and maintaining directories and databases is important to any business, educational or research organization. Through a combination of proprietary technology likes spiders developed in-house our team of top-notch editors and researchers helps you stay ahead in your business by providing well their expertise in data harvesting field.

   Our team of professionals has vast experience in harvesting data from the Web for directories and databases. Our professionals experience in the areas of database and directory creation, maintenance and updating are vast and we can provide you the best service at an affordable rates Our rates suits every customers need and budget.

   Our expertise in data processing domain also includes Indexes and Abstracts and Forms Processing.

   Our experienced web researchers mine the World Wide Web, harvest data and present them to you in the format you require.

   We deliver the right information to you, which you can use for action. We are impatient with 'weeds' and so we can spare you the headache of information overload.

Data Harvesting services:

   Isource India provides a wide range of customized web clippings from newspapers, magazines, business and industry journals and newsgroups and websites to keep you and your company abreast of the happenings.

   Isource India's unique, customized service aims at offering each client highly specific and yet the most comprehensive web clippings. We have experienced journalist and editors offering their vast experience to develop e-clippings and e-newspapers.

   After initial mining our specialized editors combines together the news items keeping your needs in mind. And our in-house developed spiders search the websites and information's are gathered and results are compared. This whole service is also provided with Internet technology. So delivery of our product is also available via net itself.

   Isource India also provides specialized secondary research services in varied fields. Our research department covers vast areas ranging from competitive intelligence reports to market research, business development and strategic planning.

   Isource India can be your ideal partner for outsourcing all your needs in data harvesting and digitization service. You get an information partner who cares for your business growth.

Digitization Services

   At Isource India, we provide comprehensive digitization services covering a multitude of formats and media. Our universal data conversion solutions and pre-press services are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions and libraries as well as all information intensive organizations.

   Our digitization service division is well equipped to handle highly complex publishing solutions such as mathematical and scientific books, texts, journals and newsletters.

   Our expertise is built around a team of experienced editors, researchers and proofreaders, imaging and scanning technologies and document management standards that conform to global standards. Our digitization service is available on following formats:













Data Capture / Coding Pre-press Services

  Data Entry



  Editorial Services

  Image Scanning



  Indexing & Abstracting

  Forms Processing

  Transaction Processing

Data Encoding :

  Extract Information from complicated forms / Data Presentation

  PDF Processing -Bookmark Creation, Cover Insertion, Image Insertion

Data Conversion

  High volume HTML to PDF

  Any format to Image

  Scanning & OCR


Data Entry

  Keyboarding (only English)

  Proof Reading

  Yellow / White Page Keying

  XML Content Creation

  XML Tagging

  DTD / Schema Creation

  Style sheet Creation

  XML Error Checking and Correction

  Conversion to different DTD


Web Harvesting:

   Our experienced web researchers can mine the World Wide Web and harvest data and present them to you in the format customers require. Our Web harvesting service includes:

  URL Verification

  Contacts Information Gathering

  Pulling Data from Websites/Portals

  Conversion to Database or other formats

  HTML/PDF Data Extraction

  Real-time monitoring of websites/automated extraction

Information retrieval from Public Databases (Paid or otherwise)

To convert the configuration files (for example, connecting to a host computer) from an earlier version of pcAnywhere so that you can use them in the current version. You can also use data conversion to import or export configuration files to or from text files for record-keeping purposes.

The translation of data from one format to another. ARC/INFO supports data conversion from many different geographic data formats in addition to routines for converting paper maps. Those data formats include DLG, TIGER, DXF, and DEM.

The translation of data from one format to another. Data conversion occurs when data is transferred from one system to another. ARC/INFO supports data conversion from many geographic data formats such as DLG, TIGER, DXF, and DEM.

The translation of data from one format to another. Often when data are moved from one system to another, some form of data conversion is required to convert the data to a format the receiving system can interpret. Sometimes it is necessary to have an intermediate format.

translation of data from one format to another (i.e. importing DLG, TIGER, and DEM data into a GIS).

The process by which information is converted from one form to another. For example, analog audio signals are 'converted' to digital when recorded onto a DAT. The process also refers to the sampling rate conversion that sometimes occurs in the mastering process, where a DAT sampled at 48 kHz is converted to 44.1kHz. [BACK]

Rules for mapping data from a software application for use by another and writing programs to execute the adaptation, for example, a program that systematically adapts data in the current HR system to populate PeopleSoft tables.

Process of changing information from one form of representation to another.

The changing of data from one format to a different but equivalent format to allow its use in a different computer-aided design application. (SM*)

Changing digital data from one format to another so it can be used in another software application or printed on a specific output device. (e.g., CMYK to RGB, TIF to GIF, MS Word to Postscript, etc.).

Conversion of spatial data to the format compatible with the GIS package.

The conversion of data from an original form (paper or electronic) into a form suitable for a particular use in a digital form compatible with the computer system, software, and other data being used.

In JavaTM data conversion can occur in three ways: assignment conversion, arithmetic promotion, and casting.

Changing digital data from one format to another so it can be used in another software application or printed on a specific output device. (E.g., CMYK to RGB, TIF to GIF, MS Word to Postscript, etc.).

In information systems development, the process of converting existing manual and computer-based files so they can be used by a new system. 11.32

The changing of data from its original paper form into a form suitable for use with a computer system.

conversion from one way of encoding data to another way
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